Saturday, July 2, 2016

Why I wrote a blog...

If you have read any of the previous blog posts, you know a few things about me by observation.

#1 I am not a professional photographer.  Sorry about that, I live in a very dark house in the redwoods, and my best camera is on my iphone 4.  I hope you enjoy blurry pictures.

#2  I am babbling on at you about something I actually know very little about.

#3  I sure do like birds.

#4 And embroidery.

This is why I started a blog.  I have never done much designing of my own.  I enjoy stitching and have been doing it off and on for a good portion of my life, but mostly I recreate other people's designs, which is soothing, and good for learning stitches and techniques, but does not always reflect me.

Not that every project has to, but when I started playing with stumpwork I found that I started having visions of things that I could use it for.  Birds, bugs, comic book characters, pictures I took, and so has a creative element to it and a free form design idea that seemed to work well for me.  I can't see myself charting a cross stitch design, or laying out a black line for some crewel work, but building dragonfly wings out of organza and copper it!

So the purpose of this blog is for me to document the process so that next time I decide to design something, I can look back on the process and refine it for the next one.  My hope, if you are reading and following my blog, is that you use it to help you design something if you've felt nervous about not being an Artist.

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